01 July 2015

Liz Adekunle appointed to be Archdeacon of Hackney

We're delighted that the Bishop of London has announced that Liz Adekunle will succeed Rachel Treweek as Archdeacon of Hackney.

Liz grew up at St Mary's, worshipping together with her family. Her father Victor, was churchwarden here for many years and her late mother Comfort, was a leading member of the church and contributed in ministry to the Diocese of London in several very significant ways.

Liz is presently Chaplain of St John’s College, Cambridge. Prior to that she served her curacy and was priest in charge of St Luke’s Hackney. She has expertise in pastoral care and in African Christianity and Development. She is a member of the Archbishop's Task Group on Evangelism and is a former tutor at St Mellitus College.

This is excellent news for the Stepney Area and we look forward to Liz's arrival in several months' time.

29 June 2015

Services on Sunday 5 July 2015

Sunday 5 July 2015

9.00am BCP Holy Communion
Ian Mylam preaching. Bible reading: 1 Peter 3.8-15; Luke 5.1-11

11am Holy Communion
Liz Salmon preaching. Ruth, the Moabite. Bible readings to be confirmed.

6pm Evening Worship
Simon Harvey preaching. Bible reading: Ezekial 2.1-5; Mark 6.1-13

25 June 2015

Foes who became friends

In a new four-week series, we're looking at astonishing stories of people who were touched by God.

Taken together, the books of the Old Testament tell the story of the Jewish people and their God. It's not a story in which the favoured nation comes out consistently well and we read of many situations in which the people chosen as agents for God's mission falter and fail.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, there are occasional stories in which the divine initiative rests with outsiders, unlikely men and women who were not born to the children of Abraham.

We'll look at the way that God worked among two men and two women, whose lives are still remembered today.

28 June: Naaman - Enemy General

Naaman was the commander of the Syrian army, which waged war and made occasional pacts of peace with Israel in the same plains and hills which even today are disputed. International tension rose when Naaman, who suffered from leprosy, approached the King of Israel with the hope of a cure from his dread disease.

4 July: Ruth - Economic Migrant

Ruth married into a displaced Jewish family which settled in her land of Moab. When her husband died, rather than remain with her kinsfolk, she loyally set out with her mother-in-law to find a better future in Bethlehem. But how would she, a foreigner, be received?

11 July: Cyrus - Foreign Ruler

50 miles south of modern Baghdad, Babylon held the exiles from Jerusalem. The city had fought and lost to the Persians under the command of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus ruled by decree. His authority was unchallengeable. Yet even he heard the voice of a higher authority and changed policy.

18 July: Rahab - Sex worker

Jericho stood before the poorly equipped Israelite force, apparently impregnable. Military strategists sent spies into the city to determine if any kind of assault would be possible. Yet the fortunes of the city and history itself, rested with the decision of a prostitute, Rahab. Would she turn in the spies or would she assist them?

Adam Hobson

We're really pleased to announce that Adam Hobson will be joining St Mary's in September 2015.

Adam is participating in the Stepney Intern Scheme, which gives young people opportunities to explore Christian ministry. He'll be living in a shared house with interns placed at other parishes in the Stepney Episcopal Area and studying at St Mellitus College.

We're very much looking forward to offering Adam a wide range of opportunities for ministry in our church and wider parish.

Adam was raised on a farm in Ireland. He studied English and Theology at Trinity College, Dublin, where he was president of the Christian Union. When in Dublin he became involved in an active parish - here he developed interests in liturgy and city centre outreach. Adam has volunteered with United Beach Missions and Scripture Union.

Adam’s theological interests include the place of liturgy in evangelism, Anglicanism, and Christian responsibilities towards the environment. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, organic gardening, fishing and reading.

19 June 2015

Be an Ambassador for Christ

Christians are called by God to live fruitful lives. You may spend lots of time at work, or caring for children or others. You may be in university, college or at school. You may be involved with your community, friends, or networks. It's all important.

We recognise that members of St Mary's are living out their faith day by day in all kinds of situations and we want to help.

For over a year, St Mary's has been a pilot parish in the Capital Vision 2020 programme of the Diocese of London, developing ways of encouraging and supporting people in their whole lives, not just on Sundays or at church events.

  • We've made changes to the way we preach and what we preach about because we're confident that the gospel has things to say about the real lives we lead.
  • We've embraced the untidiness of life, making it clear that serious followers of Jesus don't just disconnect from the world but live out their faith.
  • We've participated in training events and courses, using brilliant materials from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.
  • We've developed short courses and workshops that give people resources for living the Christian life, including Stillness PrayerChristians and Social MediaMaking Better Choices.
Now it's time to commission ambassadors for Christ.

What is an ambassador committing to do?

With the encouragement of our church, ambassadors will: 
  • PRAY for seven people that they might share with them the story of their faith.
  • GROW as a disciple of Christ, praying, encountering the Bible, and being part of a regular worshipping community. 
  • CONNECT with the people and places of their week, understanding the questions people are asking and applying the Gospel to their situation. 
  • LIVE as salt and light in all areas of their life : public and private, work and home – everywhere.
Everyone who is commissioned will receive an ambassadors' card as a reminder of their commitment to live as an ambassador for Christ in their daily life.

How can I become an ambassador for Christ?

We're making it really simple. Speak with one of the leaders at St Mary's or send us an email. We'll talk with you about your "frontline". We'll take you seriously. And then in a regular service at church, we'll commission you with a short prayer.

17 June 2015

Vacancies - Two Co-Producers (sports and arts)

Our partners at Mary’s Youth Club team are looking for two 16-20 year old Islington young people to work as Co-Producers for the sports and arts activities of the club. More details.

16 June 2015

Vacancy - Youth Development Worker

Our partner charity, Mary's, is seeking a youth worker to work with the Youth Development Manager to develop their employability programme. 30 hours per week, 12 months fixed term (to be extended subject to funding) £25,000- £27,000 pro-rata plus pension.

Applications close on 13 July 2015.

Full details.

Making better choices - Workshop 24 June

With more choices to make than ever before, lots of us find ourselves facing hard decisions. How can we know which way to choose? And how can we help family, friends or colleagues who are facing tough choices?

We don’t believe in easy solutions or pat answers to life’s big issues. But we do believe that there are better ways to choose than pleasing others, trusting instinct or avoiding all risks.

Join us for a free workshop exploring how Christian faith helps us in the decisions we face. 7.30-9.00pm in Crypt Room 1 on Wednesday 24 June 2015.