Eco church

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Being outward looking...

...means being concerned with the world beyond the church doors. From inside our wonderfully bright church, with its large clear glass windows, we can see houses and flats, trees and sky.

God's creation is beautiful and full of the possibility of teeming life. Our use of the earth's resources and our failure to respect the environment means that the impact of human activity has often been destructive. Pollution, over-exploitation of the land and wastefulness have led to species extinction and poor living conditions for millions of people. And global warming presents the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

The first pages of the Bible are set in a garden. The last pages speak of a glorious city, free of injustice, pain and sorrow. Because our church is set in a garden within one of the world's greatest cities, we have a real opportunity to think practically and creatively about helping in the cause of environmental justice.

Caring for creation is an integral part of loving our neighbours and following God faithfully.

That's why we're building on a series of achievements to participate in A Rocha UK's Eco Church movement.

Already we have updated our heating systems, installed energy efficient lighting in the church, made big improvements to our neighbourhood centre with double glazing and roof insulation. We have one of the largest solar PV installations on a church in London, generating up to 20kW of clean electricity.

But we want to do more.

Understand your carbon footprint

An important step in the Eco Church movement is for everyone in the St. Mary’s Islington community to understand their “carbon footprint”.  By this, we mean the actions we take in our everyday lives such as shopping choices and fuel consumption, that result in varying levels of greenhouse gases, the cause of climate change.  With this knowledge, we can understand better how to lighten our impact on the Earth.  As all of us in the St. Mary’s community are part of the solution, we urge church members and visitors to this page to measure your current carbon footprint, compare with others in the St. Mary’s community, see how your results change over time, make pledges to work towards in future, and more…

Stockholm Environment Institute has developed the linked calculator for households in the UK that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Click here to take the survey.

We hope that it may help you start your journey to travelling lighter on the Earth God has made.

Eco-Church News

Evening Sessions: CLIMATE CHANGE AND CHRISTIAN WITNESS: How should we respond as a church, and as individuals?

The Eco Church group is running three evening sessions in May to learn together about what the Bible has to say about caring for the earth.

The last session will be on Wednesday 15 May, 7-8.30 pm in the church crypt. We will explore some climate change science and hear about green theology.

Interested in joining? For more details contact Caroline Shuttleworth, Anthea or Richard Nicholson, Karl Schultz, Sally Hull or the church office.