Worship on Sundays

Eleven o'clock service

  • Sundays at 11am

  • 60-80 minutes

  • Our main service, attended by 100-160 adults and children

  • Holy Communion, or Morning Worship or All Together Church

  • Biblical, relevant preaching

  • Children are always welcome

  • A creche is available

  • In term times, children go to starter church, kids' church or youth church

  • Our music uses the best of traditional and contemporary styles. Some weeks we focus on contemporary, some weeks on traditional

Evening service

  • Sundays at 6pm

  • 45-60 minutes

  • Quieter, deeper reflection

  • Biblical, relevant preaching

  • Holy Communion or Evening Worship

  • No sung worship

Nine o'clock service

  • Sundays (once a month on the first Sunday) at 9am

  • 45 minutes

  • Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion

  • Short sermon

Not just Sunday

Our Daily Morning Prayer service is Monday to Saturday at 9:30am, for 30 minutes. And at special times of the year, like Christmas and Easter, we have additional services.

Coming up

If you're unsure what to expect

You'll be welcomed at the door and given a service booklet which guides you through the worship. We won't leave you wondering whether to stand or sit, or what to say. If you're new to all this, you might be interested in our leaflet, What Happens in Church.

We always have a reading, or two, from the Bible. We believe it's a special way that God guides us and inspires our living. We use a modern English version, with accessible inclusive language. There's always a talk or sermon. Our preachers make a priority of careful preparation, seeking to be both faithful to the Bible's message and relevant to contemporary questions. We often laugh. We're unafraid to explore the big issues. We sometimes pause and use silence to go deeper. We seek to balance the beauty of formal prayer with an openness to the presence of God's Holy Spirit.