World mission partners

We work with partners to help people in need. Of course, many church members support fabulous charities themselves. But by sharing some of our own church resources with a vision for worldwide mission, we try and encourage generosity and partnership.

Our Mission Giving Committee helps the church by coordinating our work in this area. As well as supporting long-term mission partners, we fund short-term projects, and emergency appeals. Church members vote for a Charity of the Year that receives focussed support.

Our giving  to world mission partners complements the giving that we make to support the Diocese of London Common Fund, and our local partners.


Keith Waddell

Keith joined St Mary's as a medical student in 1960.

He has been a long term mission partner since leaving in 1964, when he began working in Uganda with Africa Inland Mission.

At first, Keith was the only doctor in a general hospital serving a rural area. After re-training in ophthalmic surgery, Keith pioneered eye-work, treating many thousands of people whose lives are blighted by blindness and disease.

The work has grown enormously and the teams trained and led by Keith now travel to remote districts and into neighbouring countries. Keith has taken care of orphans and helped students access medical training.

Liz Olsen 2.jpg

Liz Olsen

Liz is a long-term mission partner of St Mary's. 

She works with Wycliffe Bible Translators to enable the Bible to be made available to Christians in their own heart-language.

Liz has been linked with St Mary’s since 1987 when as a member she studied for an MA at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Liz worked  in  Mali  as part of  a  team that  translated the New Testament into the Dogon language, which was published in 1997. 

Since then she has been involved in training Africans to do Bible translation, and now she is based in UK she makes trips to Africa for that purpose.

Release International

Release International works to support persecuted Christians around the world.

Every year thousands of Christians are detained and imprisoned for their faith in Jesus Christ. Release provides practical and pastoral support to Christians in some of the most challenging parts of the world.

Emergency Crisis appeals

Each year, we respond to emergency appeals such as the recent migrant crisis, the Nepal earthquake disaster and the West African Ebola outbreak.

We are very aware that life in the UK, while hard for many, is comparatively safe from natural disaster. By raising the profile of charities who respond to global emergencies, we hope to be a catalyst for further generosity in our congregation.

Shiksha Rath

Shiksha Rath, meaning Chariot of Education, is the flagship project of the Touch India Trust, a dynamic Delhi-based charity now in its tenth year.

The project enables children from the slum areas of the city to gain quality education, meals and support.


Toybox - Bolivia

Child labour has a long history in Bolivia due to poverty - estimates suggest that there are around 800,000 children under 18 working on the streets (UNICEF). Approximately 30% of working children and adolescents live in urban areas. Working on the streets, children often begin to spend more and more time there, until they eventually stop going home altogether.

As our chosen Charity of the Year, we're working with Toybox and its partners to register children at birth, so that they can receive the chances in education and welfare that they deserve.