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Good Friday Meditations

Welcome to these Meditations for Good Friday
Christians have always held these hours as sacred, a time for stillness, for watching and for waiting. It is not always easy to watch or to wait.
Come this afternoon to Christ’s cross, whose power is undiminished. Come - stay and watch, listen and pray.  In our meditations we will reflect together in words, music and silence on the events of this day, their meanings for those around Jesus and for ourselves today.                                     
And may God bless you in this holy time.

‘Breath of Death-Breath of Life’
Over the course of three hours from noon until three o’clock,  Jesus’ life ebbs away in suffering and desolation, until he breathes his last. In reflecting on the breath that breathes through the events of Holy week - the breathing out of hate and threats, the breathing in of fragrant love, the breath that deals in death and the breath that brings life - we prepare to let ourselves know more deeply the new and risen life of Easter.     

The Meditations
We will begin each meditation with a reading from the Bible and a short reflection. This will be followed by a silence. Before the next meditation begins, we will pray and hear a piece of music.  
In consideration of those who wish to use the silence for prayer, please do not enter or leaving the church except during the music.

The church will remain open until 6pm today.

Please do join us for Easter Sunday Holy Communion at 9am or 11am.