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What can we learn from temptation?

Temptations come in many forms. Which ones do you find irresistible?

Using our willpower to overcome what we know to be wrong is one approach to temptation. But is there something that temptation can teach us? Why do some of us find it easy to ignore an opportunity to gamble money and others find it impossible? Why does cheating a day off work by pretending we're sick seem so attractive to some and unconscionable to someone else?

Simon Harvey will be exploring the dark and delicious world of temptation and asking whether it contains the seed of our destruction or a clue to our true wellbeing.

Bible reading: Matthew 4.1-11; Genesis 2.15-17, 3.1-7

Preaching: Simon Harvey

A service of Holy Communion

  • Children's groups are available today.
  • A creche is available.
  • Refreshments are served after the service.
  • Worship is led by our classical choir. We blend traditional hymns with contemporary songs.