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A lively service of worship for all ages



Life in Pharaoh's brickyards was no fun for his Israelite slaves. They worked really hard, every day. Not a day off, no weekends, no holidays.

God wanted his people to have an opportunity to rest and to celebrate. Just one day without work, to relax and feast. 

Who was going to ask Pharaoh for that?

Moses stepped up to the task. But Pharaoh was furious. He told Moses that from now on, the people would have to make the bricks and fetch the straw themselves.

This service begins our series for Lent. We're looking at the way that we're held captive or limited and looking for liberation.

Bible reading: Exodus 5.1-9.

Tim Broadbent preaching.

  • This is an Altogether Church Service. Our children are very much part of the service.
  • A creche is available.
  • Refreshments are served after the service.
  • Worship is led by our band. We blend contemporary songs with traditional hymns.