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All Together Church with Baptism and Harvest Thanksgiving Service


Ian Mylam Preaching

  • Children's groups are available today.
  • A creche is available.
  • Refreshments are served after the service.
  • Worship is led by classical singers.

At our Harvest Thanksgiving service we will be giving thanks for all that God has given us and taking the opportunity to give something back. We would be very grateful for donations of food.
In the UK 13 million people live below the poverty line. Every day, people all over the country go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill whilst on a low income.

The food brought to church will be donated to the Islington Foodbank, and used for emergency food parcels. Please take a look at the following list which has been provided to us by the Islington Food Bank

Tinned meat                                           Tinned fish
Rice                                                            Pasta (dry)
Pasta sauce                                             Pot noodles
Instant mash potatoes                       Tinned vegetables
Cup a soup                                              Sugar
Tea bags                                                   Instant coffee
Long life milk                                          Dried powdered milk  
Breakfast cereal                                    Tinned fruit
Rice pudding                                          Soup
Crackers                                                   Sponge pudding (tinned)
Nuts                                                           Tinned fruit
Crisps                                                         Snack bars
Jam                                                            Chocolate bars
Small cartons of fruit juice