Our main service is at eleven o'clock. Come on any Sunday and you'll find a really wide range of people -  some new to church, others who've been part of the St Mary's story for most of their lives.

If you're unsure what to expect, you'll be welcomed at the door and given a service booklet which guides you through the worship. We won't leave you wondering whether to stand or sit, or what to say. If you're new to all this, you might be interested in our leaflet, What Happens in Church.

We always have a reading, or two, from the Bible. We believe it's a special way that God guides us and inspires our living. We use a modern English version, with accessible inclusive language. There's always a talk or sermon. Our preachers make a priority of careful preparation, seeking to be both faithful to the Bible's message and relevant to contemporary questions. We often laugh. We're unafraid to explore the big issues. We sometimes pause and use silence to go deeper. We seek to balance the beauty of formal prayer with an openness to the presence of God's Holy Spirit.

We usually share Holy Communion every fortnight at each Sunday service.

St Mary's isn't defined by a single musical tradition. We enjoy the best of traditional and contemporary styles, with a fine organ, piano and band.

The service usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half.

We hold a quiet evening service every Sunday at 6pm, and a service of Holy Communion using the Book of Common Prayer, once a month.

Here's what's happening next Sunday.