Christian faith is not meant to be a lonely experience. Join us at St Mary's and you'll find a wide range of people with fascinating personal stories, professions, backgrounds and tastes, yet all belonging to one church.

Belonging and believing go together. Being a Christian is not just about thinking. It's about living in relationship with God through Jesus, letting all the energy and life of the Holy Trinity bring new possibilities to the relationships we have with other people and with the natural world. Jesus said to his first disciples, "Follow me!" Ever since, men and women have joined the worldwide movement of faith that is the Christian Church.

St Mary's is itself a parish in the Church of England, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion and sharing in the ministry of the Diocese of London. Over a thousand years, our church has been serving God. See our Wikipedia page for more information.

Of course, people are different and we don't expect everything we do will suit everyone. You'll find below a whole list of activities.

The eleven o'clock service
Our main act of worship is at eleven, every Sunday. Expect to find a diverse range of people, biblically-based preaching, music in a variety of styles and a friendly welcome.

Evening service
If you prefer to worship in the reverence and quiet of a smaller evening service, join us at six o'clock, every Sunday.

Wednesday lunchtime service
In term times, we hold a weekly service from 12.45 to 1.15, especially for shoppers and workers in the Upper Street area.

Daily prayer
From 9.30 to 10.00 each morning we pause to read the Bible and to pray, taking a moment in the midst of our activity to draw closer to God.

Other services
We hold regular communion services using the traditional Book of Common Prayer, and other special services from time to time.

Monday Fellowship
In the Neighbourhood Centre, join with others to listen to a talk from a series of wide ranging topics for an afternoon meeting.

Home Groups
Small groups of six to twelve people normally meet in someone’s home, for fellowship, bible study and prayer. Each Home Group has leaders who take responsibility for the group and welcome new members at St Mary's.

Prayer Triplets
Join with two others to meet and pray regularly in a way that suits you. More details.

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What do I do next?
Fill in an online Connect Card. You might like to sign up for our weekly newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time). If you have a specific question, contact us and let us know what you're interested in and we'll help you take the next step. If you'd like to become a member, join us officially. Or join us on Facebook. The best way to discover more is to come to church!