Ambassadors for Christ

Christians are called by God to live fruitful lives. You may spend lots of time at work, or caring for children or others. You may be in university, college or at school. You may be involved with your community, friends, or networks. It's all important.

We recognise that members of St Mary's are living out their faith day by day in all kinds of situations and we want to help.

For over a year, St Mary's has been a pilot parish in the Capital Vision 2020 programme of the Diocese of London, developing ways of encouraging and supporting people in their whole lives, not just on Sundays or at church events.

  • We've made changes to the way we preach and what we preach about because we're confident that the gospel has things to say about the real lives we lead.
  • We've embraced the untidiness of life, making it clear that serious followers of Jesus don't just disconnect from the world but live out their faith.
  • We've participated in training events and courses, using brilliant materials from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.
  • We've developed short courses and workshops that give people resources for living the Christian life, including Stillness Prayer, Christians and Social Media, Making Better Choices.
Now it's time to commission ambassadors for Christ.

What is an ambassador committing to do?

With the encouragement of our church, ambassadors will: 
  • PRAY for seven people that they might share with them the story of their faith.
  • GROW as a disciple of Christ, praying, encountering the Bible, and being part of a regular worshipping community. 
  • CONNECT with the people and places of their week, understanding the questions people are asking and applying the Gospel to their situation. 
  • LIVE as salt and light in all areas of their life : public and private, work and home – everywhere.
Everyone who is commissioned will receive an ambassadors' card as a reminder of their commitment to live as an ambassador for Christ in their daily life.

How can I become an ambassador for Christ?

We're making it really simple. Speak with one of the leaders at St Mary's or send us an email. We'll talk with you about your "frontline". We'll take you seriously. And then in a regular service at church, we'll commission you with a short prayer.

More information about the way we're commissioning ambassadors for Christ at St Mary's.

Ambassadors for Christ in the London Diocese has its own website.