Ric Thorpe becomes the new Bishop of Islington

Picture: Diocese of London
At St Paul's Catherdral yesterday, Ric Thorpe was made Bishop of Islington. Our vicar Simon Harvey and ministry assistant Adam Hobson joined thousands of people in a service at which the Archbishop of Canterbury presided. This was the first time that women bishops were consecrated at the cathedral. Anne Hollinghurst is now Bishop of Aston and Ruth Worsley is Bishop of Taunton. The sermon was preached by Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford, who used the words of Gregory the Great to encourage the new bishops to be sentinels and to take a broad perspective.

Ric becomes only the second Bishop of Islington; the post lapsed in the 1920s after just one appointment. This appointment is to a completely new and pioneering role.

Bishop Ric will not be a local bishop in the usual way. Islington's parishes and clergy remain under the oversight of the Bishop of Stepney.

Instead, the new Bishop of Islington will have a role in the national church, drawing on the capital's experience and enabling other dioceses to replicate the kind of growth that the Church of England in London has seen for two decades.

Further details and pictures on the website of the Diocese of London.