Islington - a borough of poor children and poor pensioners

ONS Indices of Deprivation report 30 Sept 2015
According to newly published national statistics, Islington has the third highest rate of income deprivation affecting children and the fifth highest rate of income deprivation affecting older people.

The ONS reports published today reveal that life in Islington for many people is far from the image of high living that is portrayed in the national media.

Over one in three children in our borough live in income deprived families. For many people, very low income is made worse by the relatively high costs of goods and services in our central London Borough.

Similarly, one in three older people are income deprived.

The reduced benefit cap is hitting many Islington families hard and there are signs that the inequalities in our borough are rising. Unlike the other boroughs in the most deprived rankings--Tower Hamlets, Middlesbrough, Hackney and Newham--Islington is also a place of substantial and conspicuous prosperity.

In our parish, wealth and poverty are side by side. This is a gospel issue and we treasure the diversity of our church community, which includes people from both ends of the wealth spectrum.

We're committed to doing all that we can, together with our partners Mary's to ensure that our borough is "one Islington", to create opportunities especially for the youngest and the oldest, and to see that people are enriched by each other.

Every day, our buildings are used for activities that support children and pensioners, attracting over 2500 visits each week for projects, groups and worship.

If you want to tackle inequality and income deprivation, come and join in with our work.