Islington parking consultation

Islington council is consulting on proposals that would extend parking restrictions. At Angel, this would mean restricting parking at the weekend to match the weekday restriction through the day and evening. In much of the borough formerly only restricted on football match days, it means restricting free street parking until 9pm.

The council's website says that the proposals aim:
  • to make it easier for residents to park near to their homes
  • to ensure those that most need to park can, such as disabled and elderly drivers
  • to reduce traffic, congestion, pollution and discourage unnecessary car use
But the proposals have angered local business owners, who say that their trade will be affected if customers are unable to park at weekends for free.

The effect on the parish of St Mary Islington is hard to gauge. The new proposals don't extend restrictions in the parish and the area around the church (see map below). But there may be an impact from the extended restrictions in the Angel and 'stadium control' areas if drivers choose to park elsewhere.

In all this we will want to consider not just our own interests but the common good. Will congestion decrease and the roads be safer? Will air pollution be reduced? How will increased parking revenues be used?

We recognise that many elderly and infirm people need to drive to church and we have very limited on-site parking for those attending our church services. We encourage everyone else to use public transport or, better still, to cycle or walk to church.

The consultation is open until 7 September 2015.

Islington CPZ map_All areas overview.jpg (796×1017)
Image from Islington Council. Click for a larger view.