The News and the Good News

Over the summer at the eleven o'clock service, our preachers will be taking a story from the news and looking for connections with the bigger story that the Christian faith tells about our world.

Simon Harvey writes,
It can sometimes feel as though there's a big gap between the world that the Bible describes and the world that we live in. But people are people. The hopes and fears of all the years are pretty much the same, even though the context is different. Yet the salvation story which the Christian faith proclaims is one in which there is purpose. While there is plenty of room for chance and chaos, the narrative of God's purpose works towards a resolution, which brings us hope and confidence.
I'm looking forward to helping people with sermons that are grounded in the scriptures and which connect with the world that we recognise.
The starting point for each sermon may be the biggest news story of the week. But it could just as well be a small incident, reported on page 11 of a local paper. Either way, we'll be looking for fresh perspective and gospel insight.
The News and the Good News series of sermons begins on 26 July 2015.