Ministry team

We wholeheartedly believe in the ministry of all believers. Baptism is the essential qualification and commission for ministry.

Of course, most Christians spend most of their time outside the church. We are all called to be fruitful on the frontline, whether that's at work, home, neighbourhood or among friends. Perhaps these are the most important roles we have.

But just now we have stopped to count how many ministry roles there are inside St Mary's and who's involved. It's a revelation.

There are 54 different ministry roles at St Mary's, from Administrative Assistant to Welcomer. Some people have two roles, or more.

Among all the ministers in our team, we have:

  • 43 Bible readers
  • 22 leaders of prayers
  • 19 church council members
  • 16 musicians/singers
  • 15 communion assistants
  • 15 sidespeople (stewards)
  • 14 children's work leaders
  • 12 hospitality volunteers
  • 6 home group leaders
  • 4 mission giving committee members
  • 1 vicar, 1 curate, 1 children's and youth minister
...and one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.