Be a Soul in the City Festival Maker

We're excited about Soul in the City 2015 and looking for more volunteers to make it all happen. The dates are confirmed - Wednesday 27th May to Monday 1 June. We're building a team of church members and would love many more to join in. If you belong to St Mary's, do get involved.


We need Festival Makers of all ages and abilities from our church - no one is excluded or should feel they have nothing to offer - this is a Neighbourhood Festival for all, so please find below a list of volunteering opportunities - as you can see there are plenty of them, so please take a look and sign up for at least one activity. This way, it makes it lighter work for everyone. 

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If you can help, please let Jennifer Harvey know by signing up in Church on Sunday 17 May, or by replying to

We also need your unwanted books/DVDs to give away on the bookstall so please bring them along to Church before the Fun for All day on Saturday 30 May. And we need plenty of Cakes, so get baking! However, if you can't make it to the Festival, you can always pray for it - your prayers are very important too!

To whet your appetite, you can go to the website and take a look at the video of last year's Festival: /