Christians and social media - 22 April

Join us on Wednesday 22 April for a one-off session on Christians and social media.

We'll be exploring together how technology is changing the way we share our ideas, with all the potential and pitfalls that brings. Is social media changing us? In particular, we'll be asking how Christians might use social media creatively, responsibly and in ways that fit with the Bible's encouragement to let our speech be gracious, seasoned with salt.

The workshop is free, open to everyone over the age of eighteen. It's suitable for those who are experienced in social media and those who are completely new to it.

Please arrive promptly at 7.30pm. The session finishes around 9pm and there's an opportunity to continue the conversations over a drink in Upper Street afterwards. If you use Twitter, our event hashtag is #SMISocialMedia.

St Mary's has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. What other platforms should a church use?