Passion and Resurrection - A Good Lent, A Good Easter

We're glad to promote this series of three free talks at St Paul's Cathedral by Justin Welby, Stephen Cottrell and Stephen Conway:

"Because he is God, and also Friend, we are touched at the depth of our beings as we live with him through every event of his trial, death and resurrection." Justin Welby

Lent and Easter are the heart of the Christian year. The revolutionary events of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection are the foundation stones of Christianity, and the seasons when we explore their mysteries are at the heart of our faith. But how can we experience these seasons so that these extraordinary stories reach our hearts and change our lives?

Three of the church’s most senior pastors and teachers will explore the meanings of Lent, Holy Week and Easter, and the impact they can have on how we live, believe and behave. They will also reflect on their own experiences of the seasons, and offer recommendations for how we can keep them most fruitfully. The free events will all include plenty of time for questions and answers.

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