Experiencing the presence of God in Stillness Prayer

Our short course of four sessions of Stillness Prayer came to an end last week. We were really pleased that so many people decided to join us. Twenty seven participants took time to gently explore being present, moving from contentment to gratitude and experiencing the peace of Christ.

This was a course without handouts, textbooks or heavy teaching. We spent the first part of each evening exploring an aspect of Stillness Prayer then moved up from the crypt to the vast darkness of the church for guided meditative prayer.

The feedback has been so encouraging that we'll definitely do this again. Participants wrote:

  • I found the Stillness Prayer course wonderful!
  • What I liked about the course was the sense of a joint adventure with the others who were there. We were gently led towards an exploration of stillness by lots of open questions and fresh ideas. I re-connected with a dimension of experience in the quiet darkness of the church which helped me to listen to God. 
  • Please do repeat it so that I can reserve four weeks in advance!
  • Thank you very much for offering us such a special opportunity to be in the 'remembered presence of God'.
  • The sessions were certainly aimed at our everyday lives but yet something I don't always take the time out to think about and focus on, so helpful to do that and a special gift to be guided through it. 
  • It was pitched just right, the simplicity really worked. 
  • The mix of discussion and practice was spot on. 
  • I was sometimes a little confused but in a good way. It was so relevant for everyday life.
  • Very helpful, beautifully simple and of great everyday use.
  • The key words which have stayed with me from the course are listen/observe and present/presence.
  • I really enjoyed the two sessions I attended. 
  • It was am opportunity to interact with a different set of people as well as having personal time for reflection after a busy day.
  • Just want to say a huge thank you for the Stillness Prayer course, which helped  me be still in my home with peace, gratitude, being nearer to God.
  • Can't thank you enough, feeling so content and relaxed when we go back downstairs after the stillness.
  • Hope in the near future you have time to have more Stillness Prayer.