Stillness Prayer - A series of four sessions on Wednesdays, from 21 January

Mind buzzing? Stressed and tired?

Simon Harvey is leading a short series of Stillness Prayer sessions on Wednesday evenings. The first begins on 21 January, from 7.30pm to 9.00pm in the Crypt  and lasts for four weeks.   You can commit to all four weeks or join us when you can.

The sessions will begin with an exploration of the distracted over-thinking that means that many of us live with constant low-level anxiety.

We’ll make plenty of time to actually pray, moving from a workshop-style meeting in the Crypt to use the church itself in silence, darkness and silence. It's a holy place, a place of reverence and sanctuary, where people have met with God in Jesus Christ for centuries.

Then there’ll be a chance to return to the Crypt, to learn from personal experience about the calmness, clarity and connection with God that praying in simplicity can bring.

These sessions are open to church members and members of the public. There is no charge or fee. For more information, contact