Moulding the culture

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In our series of sermons on Fruitfulness on the Frontline, today we're looking at culture.

Every family, workplace, school and shop has a culture. There are ways of doing things, little patterns of behaviour, rhythms and rituals that form a culture. Listen carefully and you'll hear unofficial slogans and messages that reinforce the culture. These are rarely written down or talked about and agreed. But they're there and a culture is a powerful thing. There are good cultures and bad cultures but it's rarely as simple as that. More truthfully, every culture has its good aspects and its negative features.

In the service today we read Jesus famous sayings, "You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world." They're an encouragement to his followers to get out into the world, to participate and to mould the cultures of the places where they lived, worked and rested.

We've given everyone who came to church this morning a piece of homework. It's a list of provocative questions to help you discern the culture of your frontline and to consider your response. You can download it for free, here.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline is an excellent resource from LICC. Mark Greene is its Executive Director.