Fruitfulness on the frontline

We may be old or young; healthy or infirm; rich or poor; employed or not. We may be busy or bored; optimistic or pessimistic; radically cutting-edge or relatively retro. Whoever we are, Christians have at least one thing in common: We each have a frontline.

Your frontline could be:

  • the place where you spend much of your time.
  • the place where you meet people, whether they have a Christian faith or not.
  • the place God has called you.
  • the place of possibility and potential.
Using materials and insights from LICC and as one of the pilot parishes in the Diocese of London's Capital Vision 2020 Ambassadors for Christ programme, St Mary's is shifting its perspective. Rather than putting church full centre in the life of our members, we're asking what it would be like if we put church at the service of people, making it an even better support for their frontlines? What would it look like if we shaped our church in ways that helped people in their work, in their neighbourhood and among the people they know?

Keeping an Open Door for Islington hasn't just enabled people to explore their church. It's deepened our commitment to a seven-days-a-week world and the teeming life outside. It's made us think about the way that we relate to the whole lives of people, not just to their Sunday mornings.

We've never believed that our church is made up of a handful of ministers and hundreds of members. Every Christian is called to be a minister for God. And you don't have to have your name on one of our rotas to be useful to God. You don't have to be ordained or have a degree in theology. We believe that gatherings in church are exciting because they bring together in the presence of God, the dramatically different experiences of a world that is beautiful and broken. Coming to church isn't the end of your week's faithful journey. It's the starting point for new ways of thinking about all your frontlines. It's a preparation for approaching your frontlines expecting God to be there and ready to partner with you.

In the coming weeks at 11am on Sundays, we'll be exploring fruitfulness on the frontline:
  • 5 October - Model Godly Character
  • 12 October - Make Good Work
  • 19 October - Minister Grace and Love
  • 26 October - Mould Culture
  • 16 November - Be a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice
  • 23 November - Be a Messenger of the Gospel