General Synod meets to decide on women bishops

Simon Harvey writes,

The General Synod of the Church of England meets in York for a five day meeting from Friday 11 July until Tuesday 15 July. There's an understandable nervousness as well as excitement about what will happen.

I've written before about our hope that women as well as men may soon be able to share in the leadership of the church at all levels and it was disappointing that the previous legislation failed to pass in 2012. The new arrangements are simplified and have received support in all of the dioceses of the Church. But there's little room for complacency and it will be important for any unresolved differences to leave a legacy of trust and confidence rather than tension.

We'll be praying for the Synod as it considers all the issues on its agenda and I'll be hoping that we'll soon be looking forward to the first appointment of a female bishop in the Church of England.