Chocolate, alcohol or caffeine?

The season of Lent is just around the corner, a time to turn away from attitudes, behaviours and practices that keep us from loving God and loving our neighbour fully. This period of 40 days prepares us for Holy Week, when we focus on the pivot of history: Jesus' death and resurrection, when love conquered hate and life beat death.
It's traditional to fast during Lent, perhaps giving up luxuries or habits (or both), such as chocolate, alcohol or caffeine. In our digital age, some choose to limit screen time or use of social media, where it's become an addiction. Others use this focused time to take up something new, to develop a good habit, such as sharing mealtimes with others or reading the Bible daily.
So much to choose from - the academic and writer Maggi Dawn has listed 40 suggestions on her blog! We're just putting forward three suggestions this year. Before Lent begins on 5 March, why not take a little time out to think about what God is calling you to turn away from - and what to turn towards - and choose one of these, allowing yourself to be challenged and changed during this season:

Growing Generosity
40 Acts gives you a fun challenge each day via email, twitter or facebook to demonstrate God's generosity to the world.

End Hunger Fast
Stand in solidarity with those in poverty in the UK, and especially those accessing foodbanks, by joining a national fast on 4 April and choosing to fast various meals during Lent.

Just Love
Church Urban Fund has put together a rich series of reflections on the life and teaching of Jesus, one for each week of Lent, to be used by individuals or in home groups.

As a community, we want to support one another as we face our struggles and make changes during Lent, so please do let us know what you decide to do. We'd love to feature your experiences here on our blog.