Big Silence 2014

Our annual retreat - the Big Silence - is the weekend after Easter. We'll be returning to the Domus Mariae convent for rest, refreshment, quiet prayer and peace. To join us, please email Alexandra Lilley.

Comments from last year:
"I loved every second of the weekend! The silence is so rewarding and amazing. I look forward to it every year it: a time when I can communicate with God on another level."

"Coming back to busy, noisy Islington after a reflective break like this reinforces how much it is needed, and how difficult it is to carve out a space for silence in our everyday life."

"I count the weekend as one of my blessings for the year."

"I really enjoyed the weekend and not only do I  have very good memories but I achieved my goal to slow down a bit."

"The experience is indescribable. I wish more of us could appreciate this unique experience. I look forward to the silence weekend in 2014 already.”