Living the Life with The Little Book of Help

On 5 January 2014, at our main eleven o'clock service, we're giving away copies of Little Book of Help to everyone in church.

Through the coming weeks we'll be looking at some big issues, the things that can make us feel helpless. We believe that the Bible offers real resources for meeting life's challenges, so come and join us to explore how its wisdom can help you in living the life. Here's the full programme that our preachers are taking:

  • 5 January Living the Life: Success - Simon Harvey
  • 12 January Living the Life: Being Wise - Gloria Naylor
  • 19 January Living the Life: Tough Times - Liz Salmon
  • 26 January Living the Life: Anger - Alexandra Lilley
  • 2 February Living the Life: Loneliness - Ian Mylam
  • 9 February Living the Life: Friendship - Simon Harvey
  • 16 February Living the Life: Money and Things - Simon Harvey
  • 23 February Living the Life: Work - Liz Salmon
  • 2 March Living the Life: Sex - Simon Harvey
  • 9 March Living the Life: Future - Tim Broadbent

The Little Book of Help is produced by SGM Lifewords.