Advent Reflections

For most of us, these weeks running up to Christmas are the busiest time of year. Christmas shopping, end of term shows and nativity plays, work parties - or the increased pressure of finding work to afford the all the extras that have somehow become part of the Christmas package.

To counter the madness, it may be helpful to remember that this season has value in its own right. Advent is not just a hectic time to be survived before collapsing under the Christmas tree. Advent calls us to be still and to be present in the moment, as we wait for our Saviour's arrival.

Advent is an opportunity to try something new in the way in which we connect with God. It might mean having a few minutes of silence at the beginning of each day. It might mean pausing at the end of the day to see where God showed you something of his love and life. 
There are lots of Advent resources to help you. Here are three suggestions:
  • For challenging our values: these short reflections, ideal for the start of the day or a lunch break, steer us away from selfish consumerism towards the generosity of the Kingdom of God.  
  • For families: Scripture Union have produced some short, daily animations retelling the Christmas story, which are suitable for adults as well as children.  
  • For deeper reflection: these daily examen prayers, take you through a weekly cycle of reflection, particularly suitable for the end of the day. 
Do let us know what helps you to reflect during this season.