EXPOSED: Shine a light on corruption

One trillion US dollars goes missing annually through corruption - and the poorest in the world suffer as a result. Corruption wastes financial resources that could be used for development; undermines the quality of, and access to, public services; and reduces access to justice, as a favourable ruling goes to those who can pay more.

The Exposed campaign, working through the G20, aims to hold governments to account in their bid to increase transparency in financial flows and tackle bribery.

To join with those taking a stand against corruption, a prayer vigil will be held on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral on Monday 14 October at 6pm, with Rt. Revd Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden and the London Community Gospel Choir. All are welcome to participate or to visit the Chapel of St Michael & St George inside the Cathedral, on 15-18 October, 10am-4pm, to add your prayers on this issue.

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