Distant Neighbours

According to a new report, by 2020, Islington will be a starkly polarised and unequal borough. Soaring rents lead to predictions that a family will have to earn £90,000 a year in order to afford an average home.

The New Economics Foundation's Distant Neighbours finds that poverty in Islington is deepening and inequality is widening. It forecasts that a continuation of present trends will leave Islington polarised, with very wealthy families at the top, a youthful, transient and childless sector in the middle, and those on low incomes at the bottom, living in social housing.

The report is recommended reading for everyone who cares about Islington's future. We recognise the issues that it describes and we'll be continuing to work hard with others to ensure that neighbours don't lead parallel lives. Our vision, underpinned by the Gospel's radical vision of an inclusive Kingdom of Heaven, is for Islington people to live with common purpose for the common good. It's a brilliant place to live and we'll do everything we can to see that every part of our community flourishes.

The report was written by the New Economics Foundation and Cripplegate Foundation.