Archbishop speaks about the baptism of Prince George

Tomorrrow, Prince George will be baptised into the Christian faith by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In a film released today, Justin Welby speaks about the universal offer that comes to every person - prince or not - through the love of God in Christ Jesus.

In the film, he explains the significance of baptism and why it is such an important moment for anyone, whoever they are.

When Prince George is baptised he will join 2 billion people around the world in ‘the family of the church’, he says.

He says that baptism is not just for royal babies but is offered to everyone, because ‘God’s love is offered without qualification, without price, without cost, to all people, in all circumstances, always.’

Archbishop Justin will baptise Prince George on Weds 23rd October at the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace, London.

Explaining what will happen when he baptises Prince George, the Archbishop says: ‘I will mark Prince George with the sign of the cross on his forehead, and that’s exactly what every single priest does at every single baptism. It’s an extraordinary moment because that is the sign by which we understand that this person belongs to God.’

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