Education Education Education

Today is the start of term for most children and young people in Islington. At the beginning of this week I had the privilege of spending the whole day with the teachers and teaching assistants at St Mary Primary school, a school in our parish and with our steeple as their badge. It was encouraging to spend time with people who are so concerned of the care and nurture of children who are part of our Parish. I was invited by the head teacher, Miss Prayag to join in with their training that covered how to get children learning and discussing philosophy. We learnt how to get children thinking about big ideas, asking deeper questions, offering their opinions and valuing different perspectives. I found it really helpful as there are a lot of parallels between discussing philosophy and the Christian faith. 

What struck me most was how welcomed I felt by the teaching staff. Other youth ministers have often shared with me their tales of awkward staff rooms experiences. I am glad to say I feel very welcome in the staff room of St Mary's Primary. This to me is an indication that we have an excellent relationship we have between church and school. We each have our own objectives, but I believe we see each other as co-workers. Over the next few months and years we want to make the relationship even stronger. Over the next few weeks on Sunday Mornings I will be sharing how that will happen.