Going on the record

In 1961, while Elvis Presley and Helen Shapiro topped the charts, St Mary's used the latest technology to record a special service. The new church nave was only five years old and it's interesting to hear the 'renaissance of evangelical worship' for which it was rebuilt. Of course, to us, it sounds really dated. But we thank God for those who came before us and wonder what people in fifty years time will make of us.

The recording itself isn't great quality and we're pretty sure the music sounded a whole lot better live. As an artefact of the time though, it's fascinating. Listen among the crackles for:
  • 00' 07", 03' 38" and 07' 53" Introductions by John Glen
  • 08' 15" Bible reading by the Revd William McInnes
  • 10' 58" Prayer and blessing by the Revd Maurice Wood (Vicar)