Excellent grammar at St Mary's Primary School

At the start of this school year, we were really pleased to read Ofsted's verdict that St Mary's is a good school.

Staff and governors were determined that things should get even better and we're really thrilled that the provisional SATS results for Year 6 this week confirm that the children are making excellent progress.

At Year 6, this year 95% of children achieved Level 4 (the level expected of an eleven-year old) in Mathematics and Reading, 90% did so in English grammar, punctuation and spelling.

There was great success in grammar, which was the subject of a special test for the nation's children for the first time. St Mary's pupils achieved the third best result in Islington's provisional results: 70% at Level 5. Think your grammar is as good as our eleven-year-olds? Test yourself with this sample paper.

Congratulations to St Mary's, to the headteacher Genevieve Prayag and all her team, and especially to Year 6.