Confirmation service 2 November 2014

Confirmation at St Mary's in 2011
If you've been baptised and are serious about your Christian faith, being confirmed is the natural and appropriate thing to do.

In the Bible, we find that those who have been baptised and seek to follow Jesus Christ receive the prayers of the Church and the laying on of hands. Representing the wider church beyond a particular congregation, the bishop prays the prayer of confirmation personally for each candidate.

In the Church of England, those who receive Holy Communion have normally been confirmed, or 'desirous of being confirmed'. We also encourage those who are visiting us from another church where they usually receive the sacrament of Holy Communion to do so with us.

The Bishop of Stepney, The Rt Revd Adrian Newman, is joining us at our main eleven o'clock service on 2 November for the next confirmation. For full information about confirmation, download our introductory leaflet.

Please contact Simon Harvey for more details or to register your interest.