More children at church

It's very encouraging to hear that attendance of children and young people (aged under 16) in the Diocese of London rose by 7% in 2011. It's great to think that families are sensing that church can offer their children something that they cannot find elsewhere. It's also a sign that churches are recognising the need to make sure all ages are considered in church services. 

As Youth Minister at St Mary's I'm privileged to be part of the life of children and young people here, and glad that we are a Children's Charter Church, part of the Islington Churches Youth Worker Network and the Islington Children's Charter Hub. I believe it is essential that children and young people worship with us, as in worship we remember and act in symbolic ways, which give meaning and motivation for our daily lives.

My hope is that St Mary's is a place where all ages are welcome and in particular children and young people can be integral to our community life.

Tim Broadbent