Women Bishops - Church in all its fullness

Making it possible for women to serve in all areas of ministry of the church isn't only a matter of justice. Framing the issue purely as removing the obstacles is too narrow and negative. A church with women in leadership is simply a better church, a truer church. That's why we're so keen to be inclusive of women's leadership in our parish. Nationally, the movement to enable women to become bishops is developing a positive vision for the wholeness of the church and we're delighted to promote this conference as part of that initiative.

The conference is jointly hosted by Yes 2 Women Bishops and Fulcrum.  It is hoped that attendees will be given confidence to continue arguing the scriptural case for women bishops, hear about the experience of the Church with the full inclusion of women's ministry at all levels and take some time to consider the way forward.

Stephen Kuhrt, Vicar of Christ Church, New Malden, and a member of both the Yes 2 Bishops team and Fulcrum, discusses the background to the conference on the Fulcrum website.

Our own archdeacon, Rachel Treweek, is a keynote speaker.

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