Resurrection faith - Services at St Mary's - Easter to June

The explosion of confident faith in the early church is one important piece of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

A tiny group of depressed and failed followers was suddenly transformed into a passionate movement that changed the world.

Against all odds, and against the intolerances and prejudices of the ruling elites, the message of the apostles took hold. To educated Greeks it looked like foolishness. To reverent Jews it was an offence. But to those who believed the Cross of Christ became symbolic of the very power of God.

The Book of the Acts of the Apostles and the resurrection appearances of the Gospels give us an insight into the radical way that life lived through the experience of resurrection changed everything.

At our eleven o’clock services we’ll be focussing on the resurrection faith of key men and women: Peter the apostle, Ananias of Damascus, Tabitha of Joppa, Cornelius the centurion, Lydia of Philippi and an anonymous jailer.

The Easter season gives way to the celebration of Pentecost and we’ll be ready to celebrate Soul in the City from 29 May to 3 June, with a special service at 3pm on Sunday 2 June. There will be no other service on that day.

31 March 2013 Easter Day

11.00 Holy Communion
Resurrection Day – Simon Harvey
Acts 10.34-43; Luke 24.1-12
6.00pm Evening Worship – Helen Probert
1 Corinthians 15.1-11;John 20.19-23

7 April 2013

9.00 Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11.00 Holy Communion
The resurrection faith of Peter – Alexandra Lilley
Acts 5.27-32; John 20.19-31
6.00pm Evening Worship – Mike Bartholomew-Biggs
Luke 24.13-35

14 April 2013

11.00 All Together Church
The resurrection faith of Ananias – Tim Broadbent
Acts 9.1-20
6.00pm Holy Communion – Liz Salmon
John 11.17-44

21 April 2013

11.00 Holy Communion
The resurrection faith of Tabitha – Ian Mylam
Acts 9.36-43; John 10.22-30
6.00pm Evening Worship – Alexandra Lilley
Luke 24.36-49

28 April 2013

11.00 Morning Worship, Annual Meeting
The resurrection faith of Cornelius – Simon Harvey
Acts 10.1-8, 11.1-18
6.00pm Holy Communion – Mike Bartholomew-Biggs
Mark 15.46-16.8

5 May 2013

9.00 Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11.00 Holy Communion
The resurrection faith of Lydia – Liz Salmon
Acts 16.9-15, John 5.1-9
6.00pm Evening Worship – Ian Mylam
Matthew 28.1-10, 16-20

9 May 2013 - Ascension

7.00pm Joint service for Soul in the City at St Mary Magdalene, Holloway Road.
12 May 2013
11.00 All Together Church
The resurrection faith of the Philippian Jailer – Tim Broadbent
Acts 16.16-34
6.00pm Holy Communion – Rosy Fairhurst
Luke 24.44-70

19 May 2013 - Pentecost

11.00 Holy Communion
Mission in many tongues – Liz Olsen
Acts 2.1-21; John 14.8-17
6.00pm Evening Worship – Simon Harvey
Exodus 33.7-20; John 16.4b-15

26 May 2013 – Trinity Sunday

11.00 Morning Worship
Making Community – Alexandra Lilley
Readings to be confirmed
6.00pm Holy Communion – Ian Mylam
Exodus 3.1-15; John 3.1-17

2 June 2013

3.00pm Soul in the City Special Service