St Mary's Primary shows compassion for Syria

Bearing colourful banners, children from St Mary's Primary School marched to church this morning to offer prayers for the children in Syria. They had each paid at least £1 to not wear school uniform in the hope that they will raise enough money to buy 1,000 school bags containing paper and pencils for the makeshift schools in the Atmeh refugee camp. Further funds are being raised through cake sales.

At Assembly on Wednesday, Gill Newman, who is wife of the Bishop of Stepney, and Carol Rider shared their first hand account of visiting the Atmeh camp. The school heard about the horrifying situation, where 12,000 people, including 5,000 children, are living in freezing, muddy conditions, with little food or medical supplies, let alone equipment for a school.

Children from St Mary's Primary wrote prayers on hearts and offered them on the Communion table and then sang 'Our God is a great big God' on the steps outside the church, standing in solidarity with children thousands of miles away, who are in such desperate need.

For more information or to donate to Hand in Hand for Syria go to:

Update: We're thrilled that the children of St Mary's raised £420 yesterday which will go towards pens, pencils, paper and school bags for children in the Atmeh refugee camp.