Busy, busy, busy

Every day across London, thousands of people have this exchange:
"How are you?"
"Oh, you know, busy. Fine, but busy."
Living in London brings many privileges of lots of activity and fun. There's rarely a shortage of things to do. But the downside is that it can become harder to stop the whirlwind of work, family and leisure and take time out to reflect.
On 12-14 April, a group from St Mary's will be doing just that: heading off on a weekend's retreat to slow down and listen to the still, small voice of God.
The retreat will take place at the Domus Mariae Convent in Essex, which has beautiful gardens and a chapel to aid quiet reflection. Sandwiched by worship and fellowship, we will spend around 36 hours of the weekend in silence.
So whether you are caught up in the frantic nature of London life - or if you just long to draw aside and hear words of comfort and encouragement from God - please do consider joining us.
Find out more or book a space by emailing Alexandra (alexandra.lilley@stmaryislington.org).

Image from http://typographicverses.com