Filming and photography at St Mary Islington

Film-makers and photographers find our historic church building and its wonderful location attractive. But responding effectively to requests for shooting films or taking photographs is far more complicated than it might at first appear.

We've learned from direct experience that film-makers don't always appreciate the impact of their work on the people who use our buildings, who are often busy serving vulnerable groups and children. This is understandable. Film-making is a high-pressure, creative and costly enterprise and we know that working within the constraints of a charity and church that can't offer substantial liaison can't be easy. We've tried hard to be as generous with our amenities as we practically can but we've found that the impact of film-making has been to diminish our ministry in other respects.

Reluctantly, we have therefore decided that we cannot grant permission for filming on our site (including our church gardens) or in our buildings.

Still photography outside the buildings, is permitted, as long as photographers act carefully and responsibly and do not hinder the work of the church and our partners.

Permission for taking photographs inside the church should be sought from the church office first.

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