Islington. The facts.

Image: Bing maps
Our friends at Islington Giving are doing a great job in creating partnerships to tackle poverty in our borough.

They've put together these facts:

  • Islington has the second highest level of child poverty in England, meaning that 43.4% of children in Islington live in poverty
  • 15,000 Islington children live in families where nobody works
  • 44% of Islington residents live in social housing and you need an average deposit of £77,000 to buy a flat in Islington
  • Islington has the lowest life expectancy for men in London
  • The poorest men in Islington live 6.5 years fewer than the richest
  • Islington has the 4th highest level of older people living in poverty in England
  • Islington has the highest level of suicide in London and the 5th highest in England
  • Islington has the highest level of depression in London
  • 18,000 people in Islington have no qualifications

Islington's a great place to live. But let's never forget that for many, life is hard - and getting harder.