The Case for God: Public Conversations

Public arguments about God tend to happen between fundamentalists, both atheists and believers. But the reality of faith is often subtler, more mysterious, more creative and more surprising than the arguments imply.
St Paul’s Cathedral is running a series of free public lectures (6.30-8.00pm) in the coming weeks and we’re keen to engage with the issues that they will address.
If you want to chew over the lecture afterwards, then please do join us for a drink and a conversation afterwards at Leon (Ludgate Circus). Meet your host below on the steps after the lecture:
16 October The Case for God with Karen Armstrong (host: Liz Salmon)
30 October Atheist Delusions with David Bentley Hart (host: Simon Harvey)
13 November What’s the point of being a Christian? with Timothy Radcliffe (host: Ian Mylam)
28 November A New Kind of Christianity with Brian McLaren (host: Alexandra Lilley)