St Mary's is a good school

Ofsted have issued their latest inspection report, confirming that St Mary's Primary School is a good school.

Just a year after recognised that our local church school was improving, they returned for one of the first inspections under the new, even tougher, Ofsted scheme. They found that, "The headteacher and staff have built a harmonious learning community, where pupils are very safe and secure, love learning and behave well."

It's a tremendous achievement and one that we're really proud of. Richard Nicholson, chair of the governing body, said that "the good grade is the result of sheer hard work by all the staff, working as a team." Not content with remaining a good school, Dr. Nicholson added that the aim is to see the school reaching outstanding status by 2015.

In the year since Genevieve Prayag took over as headteacher, progress has continued. Ms Prayag said, "I am extremely proud of the staff and children and all who support us with our work. We are a dedicated team with high standards."

Inspectors arrived for the inspection at less than 24 hours notice. Their report found that "the new headteacher, strongly supported by her senior team and governing body, provides a clear sense of purpose."

They also particularly identified pupil behaviour as consistently good, with the children themselves confirming the assessement of good teaching. "teachers always tell us exactly what we are to do and learn", said one child.

St Mary's Primary School has a three-hundred year association with our church and we're very proud of the connection and offer regular support. Church members join our vicar, Simon Harvey, on the governing body and in supporting learning and after-school activities. Tim Broadbent, our Youth Minister, works with the school every week, leading school assemblies with other clergy and focussing on Year 6 children especially.