Urban Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival may seem pretty remote in the midst of Islington, where you can eat your organic feta-stuffed olives all year round. For city-dwellers, harvest is simply a marker in the year when we can give thanks for the plenty that we enjoy through all the seasons and an opportunity to share the abundance.

Many people in Islington are suffering from sudden unemployment or changes in circumstances, which has left them struggling for food from one week to the next. The local foodbank is there to provide for people in the gap between losing work or becoming ill and receiving benefits. For many, it has been a lifeline.

So this Harvest Festival, we are going to collect imperishable food for Islington food bank. The shopping list will help you know what to buy and donations can be brought to church on Sunday 12 October, during the morning service. And we'll give thanks to God for our daily bread, baked beans and longlife milk.