Registers and ancestry enquiries

Looking for a long-lost ancestor?

All Church of England churches hold registers that are wonderful sources of information for people researching their family tree. We regularly receive enquiries from people researching their genealogy.

However, we only hold the most recent information:
  • For baptisms at St Mary's Church - from August 1928
  • For marriages at St Mary's Church - from September 1977
  • For worship services at St Mary's Church - from approximately 1996
  • For burials of cremated remains - from 2011
The churchyard at St Mary's was closed for burials in the nineteenth century and a new cemetery opened for Islington at East Finchley. John Nelson’s History of Islington (1811) lists the monuments for burials in the churchyard of St Mary, beginning on page 328. Follow the link to view the book in Google eBooks.

You may also like to see Islington Cemeteries for information on genealogy and searches.

If you wish us to search the registers we hold here, please use our contact page. There is a fee for this service (£21 per hour or part hour, in 2013).

For registers before these dates, you'll need to enquire for the St Mary Islington registers held at the London Metropolitan Archives. See the full catalogue of archives held at LMA for St Mary Islington which has reference code: P83/MRY1.

Certified copies of entries in registers for marriages, births and deaths that were registered in Islington in the last 100 years can be ordered from the Islington Council website.