She Who Dares

We're thrilled that on the opening night of Soul in the City, Amy Harris will be performing her acclaimed one-woman show, She Who Dares.

The show is free and will suit adults and teenagers alike. Join us for the ribbon-cutting launch of the festival at around 6pm on Tuesday 5 June. Amy's performance begins at 7pm.

“I enjoyed the show very much. Never seen anything like it before. Very inspiring, well put together.”
Sarah – Bristol

“I knew the show would be good but was blown away by just how good. Loved her fresh perspectives on some well-known (and some not so well-known) stories.”
Julie Wilkinson – Bradford

“Awesome! As a bloke I loved it!”
Owen – Exeter

There is a gift and a strength in everyone just waiting to be let loose. Take a deep breath…I dare you!