Pressing issues

In the weeks of June and July, we’ll be looking at pressing issues of contemporary living. In the details of our lives, our inner attitudes and priorities are often most clearly revealed.
Join us in worship at our eleven o’clock services on Sundays to explore the principles that will guide our living for God, who is active in our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.

3 June 11.00am Holy Communion

This place, this time, this people
Acts 17.16-34 and John 12:20-23
At the start of our Soul in the City Neighbourhood Festival, we’ll be exploring God’s calling to us to proclaim the Gospel in our culture and time. In particular, how do we bear faithful witness to our inherited faith in a contemporary context?
6.00pm Evening Worship

10 June 11.00am Soul in the City Celebration

Guests at God’s Party
Luke 14.12-24
Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a feast, to which surprising people are invited. How do we respond to God’s invitation?
6.00pm Holy Communion

17 June

11.00am Holy Communion
“Does God always guide us?”
Deuteronomy 30.15-20 and John 6.66-71
Scripture is clear that God’s care extends to all our living. But does that mean that there’s always a choice for God in every decision we make? To what extent are we free to improvise in our lives and to make our own choices?
6.00pm Evening Worship

24 June

11.00am Morning Worship
“I haven't read the Bible for ages, does it really matter?”
Psalm 119.97-112 and 2 Timothy 3.10-4.5
Many of us struggle to find a regular pattern of reading the Bible. Some of us lose interest or even fall asleep when we start late at night. How can we begin again in our reading of God’s word?
6.00pm Holy Communion

1 July

9.00am Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11.00am Holy Communion
“Is my job my vocation?”
Proverbs 12.11-14 and Mark 1.16-20
The word vocation suggests a calling. Many of us can identify our paid employment with that sense of calling. Some of us can’t. Does it matter? How can we know that we’re in the right kind of work?
6.00pm Evening Worship

8 July

11.00am All Together Church
“I keep doing the stuff I shouldn't”
Romans 7.14-25
Habits are so hard to break. Secret struggles with besetting addictions and patterns of thought and behaviour can make us ashamed and diminished. How might we respond?
6.00pm Holy Communion

15 July

11.00am Holy Communion
“Should I wear a cross at work?”
1 Corinthians 1.18-31 and John 19.16b-23
The cross is used in many ways. Is it a potent faith-symbol, a cheap sign, a nice shape for jewellery, or a chance to witness positively? How willing should we be to identified as Christians and how can we do so graciously and generously?
6.00pm Evening Worship

22 July

11.00am Morning Worship
“I wish I looked different!”
1 Corinthians 6.12-20
Never has body-image been such a powerful force in people’s lives. Our culture is quick to judge people on the basis of their appearance and few of us are happy with the way we appear to ourselves. What does it mean to be made in God’s image, and how do we handle this potent topic?
6.00pm Holy Communion

29 July

11.00am Service with prayer for healing
“Should I shop on Sundays?”
Exodus 20.8-11 and Mark 2.23-3.6
The Lord’s Day Society was founded at St Mary’s. Our predecessors would be shocked to find London’s shops so busy on Sunday. Does this really matter anymore? How can the Sabbath principle be a blessing in our 24/7 culture?
6.00pm Holy Communion