Bishop "breathless" at Soul in the City

The Right Reverend Adrian Newman, Bishop of Stepney, has offered his support to the forthcoming Soul in the City celebrations.

Bishop Adrian said, "Reading through the programme for this year’s Soul in the City at St Mary’s left me breathless!  What a fabulous week of activities, filled with creativity and energy. ‘Soul’ is a good word to describe what this will create in the life of the local community, and I do wish you well as you offer this great gift to the Islington at a time of national celebration."

The Venerable Rachel Treweek, Archdeacon of Hackney, has also sent her support. She said, "This is absolutely incredible – This says so much about the Church being there for everyone  - not just in terms of being open but also in terms of the range of things you are offering. This excites me because it is community ministry at its best: Equally life-giving for those providing the events and those who will participate and enjoy."

Soul in the City begins on Tuesday 5 June and runs for the rest of the holiday week. All events are free.