Live Below the Line

Update (18 May): A big thank you to everyone who sponsored the Live Below the Line challenge. The team survived - and in the process learned significant lessons about contentment, thankfulness and the value of a cup of coffee. Through generous donations, £2,724 was raised by the team for Christian Aid, placing them tenth in the LBTL leaderboard! It is not too late to donate or for people to take on the challenge themselves.  

Islington, particularly Upper Street, is renowned for its vast range of eateries. If your budget allowed, you could probably try a different one every day of the year. Islingtonians are spoiled for choice.

In contrast, 1.4 billion people in the world – 20 times the population of the UK – have an extremely restricted diet, living on the equivalent of under £1 a day. Today, many will eat nothing, or next-to-nothing, or have exactly the same staple food that they had yesterday and the day before and the day before that...

For five days (7-11 May), thousands of people across the UK and beyond are taking part in Live Below the Line. Participants will restrict their food budget to just £1 per day to raise awareness of global poverty, as well as sponsorship money for charities tackling poverty.

Simon Harvey, Alexandra Lilley, Michael Lilley and Kristin Bruess from St Mary's are all taking part in the campaign, along with others from local churches. All are very welcome to join them in the challenge!
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